Our Principles

BELRED is founded upon eight core principles that we adhere to faithfully in our organization’s cultural environment. This allows us to ensure that our investments are managed with reliability, and find the balance between good corporate citizenship and economic prosperity.

Governess, Ethics & Fairness

  • We strive to uphold effective and fair business practices at BELRED in order to represent exemplary global standards. Across the company, we have embraced resilient governance practices to guarantee that all of our activities are directed with the highest level of integrity and in full acquiescence with regulatory and legal requirements. Whereby we believe that it is crucial to uphold the confidence of our customers, investors and investees.


     Strong Leadership and Management

  • We at BELRED communicate a clear strategy, goals and a plan to succeed; create standards and accountability that build an exceptional culture and platform to consistently outperform.
  •  Our business execution is based on complete transparency to ensure our clients have full information on the progress of the underline portfolio companies.

Culture of Investment Performance

  • We at BELRED support a rigorous investment and risk management process that focuses on long-term results, strong execution, consistency, and transparency.

Client Focus

  • We at BELRED place our client’s needs as the top priority; strive to partner with them as a fiduciary and trusted advisor; embrace that their success is our success.

Operational Excellence and Teamwork

  • We at BELRED ensure strong financial controls to intelligently invest in our business and execute efficiently, coupled with collaborating with all our external and internal partners.

Employees Well-being

  • People working for BELRED are our strongest asset. They are some of the industry’s most experienced professionals.We at BELFRED recognize that our employees are at the heart of operations and business successes. Hence, we promote the culture of meritocracy and fairness across all ranks.

Corporate Citizenship

  • We at BELRED,strive corporately and personally to sustain a culture with integrity and character exhibited by consistent behavior within our company, our industry and our communities. We empower all employees to contribute and employ resources to giving back to the communities within which we function. This corporate citizenship forms an important aspect of our culture.

Environmental Stewardship

  • We at BELRED care deeply for the well-being of the environment. Thus, we place great importance on and categorize ways to limit environmental impacts that are byproduct of our processes through the use of our in-house specialists and consultants.