Investment Philosophy

BELRED aims to deliver risk adjusted superior performance in our real estate investments solutions through a disciplined investment process. We take a stable, consistent, risk-aware investment approach to our business, which places our investment teams right at the heart of the process. Our Fund Management teams operate within a defined investment process with established risk controls, accompanied by investment committee oversight. The investment committee comprises senior investment professionals together with representatives from our specialist external and internal partners. Our Investment Philosophy guides all our strategies and is based on following principles:

Understanding risk & deployment of risk mitigations strategies

  • We develop a rigorous risk framework for each investment and then carefully deploy funds to achieve the targeted return.

Evaluating market conditions

  • We evaluate specific investment opportunity from a macro and micro economic reality and the project type with an in-depth insight into local asset fundamentals. We invest in the markets and strategies that offer the best relative value at different stages of the real estate development portfolio cycle with a clear exit strategy.

In real estate, every asset is unique

  • We utilize our local information through partner’s networks to understand the drivers and risks of the future growth and cash flow of an asset, enabling us to see opportunity where others do not, and to be a disciplined executor and seller.

Proactive management is a factor for value creation

  • We study pre-feasibility and engage in stringent due diligence, which enables us to make effective investment decisions. This deeper understanding of the opportunity enables us to maximize each asset’s potential through innovative and sustainable operational management.

Credit Enhancement

  • Our unique metrology of using various credit enhancement strategies, with a clear objective to mitigate overall portfolio risks by using specialized tools such as insurance wraps with underline zero coupon structure based on Senior Life Settlements portfolios. Proactively managing the capital and yet offer superior risk adjusted returns.