Financial aspects specific portfolio management

This division is specialized in :

  • Utilizing local information through partner’s networks to understand the drivers and risks of the future growth and cash flow of an asset, enabling us to see opportunity where others do not, and to be a disciplined executor and seller.
  • Studying pre-feasibility and engage in stringent due diligence, which enables us to make effective investment decisions. This deeper understanding of the opportunity enables us to maximize each asset’s potential through innovative and sustainable operational management.
  • Unique metrology of using various credit enhancement strategies, with a clear objective to mitigate overall portfolio risks by using specialized tools such as insurance wraps with underline zero coupon structure based on Senior Life Settlements portfolios. Proactively managing the capital and yet offer superior risk adjusted returns.
  • At BELRED, we take great pride in being excellent deal makers but more importantly, we take as much pride in being exceptional risk managers. As such, our team is focused on identifying and analyzing risks to be incorporated into the underwriting and business plan so they can be adequately mitigated. Once all assets have been acquired for the Fund, all areas of risk are monitored on an ongoing basis. Both during underwriting and during the hold period, our team continues to combine input from the research team, the investment team, the asset management team, the Fund operations team and the senior directors and local operating partners who are on the ground in the markets.
  • Our philosophy is that all fund investment strategies should benefit from the multitude of accumulated experience and expertise of the team. We believe that keeping the acquisitions team perpetually in the market investing capital from separate funds across our target markets.