We are a Real Estate Development Asset Management company, with the vision of bringing impressive projects to our clients across highly profitable emerging and developed markets.

BELRED draws its strengths from its vary capable team and their impressive performance track record. Additionally, it leverages of from its various strategic partners across the Real Estate Industry across the globe. We strive to create exceptional shareholder returns on our investments of financial capital through growth in earnings from high-end properties and rising values of great real-estate. We offer real-estate investments to our investors with full transparency, for long-term interest and stable income and development projects with short- and medium-term returns.

BELRED offers two distinct strategies. 1) A closed investment through a separate investment company, which is formed for each property whose sole purpose is to build and manage the property. The equity is placed with investors, who later become the company’s shareholders. As soon as the investment has been fully placed with investors/shareholders, the investment is closed. 2) We offer investments for Institutional investors through a closed end Principal Guaranteed Real Estate Private Equity Funds.

We strive to ensure that the assets we manage, our business and our partners are ready to face challenging situations, intense pressures, increased responsibilities as well as new opportunities in our markets so that we may consistently outperform through the year. In order to successfully carry this out, we take advantage of our finest researchers and consultants to identify opportunities and risks early on; we build resilience and capacity within our organization, and leverage our acute knowledge in real estate asset management through our strategic alliance partners and their real estate development portfolios and competencies.

As a vertically integrated asset management firm, we syndicate local knowledge and ground-up operating expertise as well as investment management to enhance execution for our investors. We at BELRED foster solutions to help our clients capitalize on potential real estate opportunities in highly profitable markets around the world.

Our strategies are developed to suit both emerging and established markets alongside the help of our partnerships with regional consultants. We are proficient in all major real estate categories, from retail and offices to residential and industrial properties. Our investment strategies are primarily structured as Principle Guaranteed Private Equity funds, reducing risk for investors while targeting high yields and returns. We pursue disciplined and cautious investing approaches where risk taking is concerned, with great consideration for safeguarding the capital entrusted with us. Our key differentiating factors, among the world class real estate portfolio management ability is to structure secure investment strategies by mitigating capital risk through credit enhancement tools and yet provide above average returns in comparison to the comparable risk profiles.